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Gaming is  Our Passion__


Yashaswi Ponnur

(The brain behind the tech)

Founder of WASD Interactive

He is a passionate gamer and programmer at heart, and also performs other required functions required to develop the product and to run the studio.

  • Went to a video game college. (Hold University of Wales Degree)

  • Worked in the industry for more than 6+ years. (As programmer and game designer).

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WASD Interactive is an independent game studio based in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. It was founded by two childhood friends who were passionate about games and wanted to develop games which are knowledgeable and Fun.

Video games have always been part of my life and that passion inspired me to pursue my graduation into game development. I worked with 3 different companies and felt that we can develop amazing games for all age groups across the world. We resigned from our jobs and started this company.

We at WASD Interactive strive to bring a new and fresh spirit into mobile game development. By providing new perspectives to exceptional talent we can enable change, getting our hands dirty and facilitating each individual's best work and self.

Vinil Rao Mahendrakar

(The management brain)

Co-Founder at WASD Interactive

Loves to build things and is an amazing problem solver. He’s working as a Product Manager with Zuddl, a Y Combinator-backed startup.

  • An engineering graduate from NIT Surat and an MBA graduate from IIM Udaipur.

  • Has a wide variety of experience from FMCG (Amul) sales and marketing to software development and Product Management.

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